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There are HUG biscuits for special moments and naturally, for the everyday, HUG is simply part of it.

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HUG Zwieback without sugar

The HUG Zwieback without sugar is enriched with natural folic acid. Folic acid is an important life-vitamin and significant for an healthy nutrition.

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HUG Zwieback Original

HUG Zwieback give you a good start into the new day. They make breakfast a delight, supply the necessary 'fuel' and are not heavy on the stomach.

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HUG Cheese cocktail biscuits

Light & delicate cookies with an aromatic cheese flavor. They are baked in a waffle iron with the traditional bricelet pattern. Serve with cocktails & relish their unique consistency.

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HUG Caraway cocktail biscuits

Aromatic caraway seeds add a crispy note to these cocktail cookies. Enjoy the golden yellow radiance of these thin waffles with the traditional bricelet pattern.

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HUG Sesame cocktail biscuits

Exquisite sesame seeds add a delicate touch to these cookies. Light and soft, everyone will love them with cocktails.

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HUG Crisp cookies mixed

The favorite four HUG cookies in a bag: nut heart cookies, nut ring cookies, almond cookies and Schocos. In this bag everyone will find his personal favorite!

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HUG Honey balls

Lebkuchen specialty with soft core and crisp sugar icing.

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HUG Gingerbread Mixture

Traditional Swiss mix of gingerbread with honey balls, soft Läckerli with hazelnuts and gingerbread cookies with chocolate. Seasonal, available only in fall.

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HUG Nut heart cookies

The buttery tender hazelnut flavor of this crisp specialty from Lucerne will conquer every heart. Our Nussherzli has been a part of the product range of HUG for many years.

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HUG Nut stick cookies

Lightly taosted hazelnuts, with glucose and eggs from natural chicken husbandry make these hazelnut sticks a very popular crunchy delight.

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HUG chocolate gingerbread heart

Delicate biscuit with Swiss butter and Swiss chocolate

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HUG Läckerli

The soft gingerbread snack Läckerli sweetens any autumn day with its spicy note.

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HUG Biscuits Willisauer-Ringli mini CNp

The traditional specialty from Willisau, baked in our plant in Willisau. Organic.

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HUG Biscuits original Willisauer Ringli

The traditional specialty from Willisau, baked in our plant in Willisau according to the original recipe.

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HUG Brunsli

Christmas biscuits with lots of hazelnuts and a fine chocolate taste. Soft and moist consistency sprinkled with crispy sugar.

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HUG Anise cookies

Anise cookie with hard texture and unmistakable flavor, baked in the typical Chräbeli shape. Simply belongs to Christmas.

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HUG Milanese

Buttery short cake with light lemon flavor. The golden yellow classic among Christmas bakery goods!

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HUG Spitzbueb

Butter shortcrust biscuit with raspberry jam. A classic among Christmas biscuits!

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HUG Christmas Mixture

Typical mix of Christmas cookies with Milanese butter cookies, Cinnamon stars and Brunsli. Three favourite and classic Christmas cookies!

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HUG Cinnamon stars

The soft and moist texture, the delicate almond and cinnamon taste, the white eggwhite icing as well as the star shape make up the specific characteristics of this specialty.

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HUG Dessert Tartelettes 7 cm

The crusts made of tender short dough are the basis for a delicate and easy-made dessert.

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HUG Bricelet

The HUG Bricelets Suisse is made on the waffle-iron. So it keeps the typical pretzel pattern and looks as if it is hand-made.

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HUG Choco-Bricelets

The flat HUG Bricelet al cioccolato is made on the waffle-iron. So it keeps the typical pretzel pattern and looks as if it is hand-made.

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HUG Meringue shells

The classic meringue for a delicious dessert! Thanks to a gentle production process and because they are made with eggs from natural chicken husbandry these meringues are airy and ivory colored.

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HUG Mini meringue shells 5 cm

The small meringue drops are decorative and an asset for any dessert creation. Produced with a gentle procedure and made with eggs from natural chicken husbandry.

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HUG Giant Meringues 12 cm

The giant one for an extra helping of meringue. Light and airy and thanks to the gentle procduction process unique in bite and taste.

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